Quality Assurance


Our Quality Assurance
YizTech insists that "the highest quality and customer satisfaction" is the only way for enterprises to continue their business. In the pursuit of R & D and innovation, strict quality control is the goal of all the colleagues in the company, so as to thoroughly implement the spirit of full quality assurance. From the product sales, research and development design, manufacturing, inspection, after-sales service and feedback advice, all follow ISO9001, IATF 16949, ISO14001, QC080000 provisions, related legal requirements, product safety standards and customer needs. All strata of the company hold strict quality management, establish quality policies and goals, establish quality management system, create a full participation and continuous improvement of the enterprise culture, continue to pursue the highest satisfaction of customers, and create the goal of customer, YizTech ,supplier three win.
Existing Equipment Service Content
Meter Conductivity
UV-VIS Irradiance Reflectance Transmittance Absorbance
Refracto-meters Refractive index
Die Shear Tester Adhesion Strength
XRF Detect RoHS Purity Analysis
DSC Pot Life Curing Schedule
Viscometer Viscosity Thixotropic Index
UVDSC UV Curing Schedule Reaction Wavelength
DMA Tan Dalta Modulus
TMA CTE Expansion mode TG
TGA Weight loss on cure Decompose Temp. Weight loss@300℃