1996 May. Founded in May. 1996 and located in Keelung (Northern Taiwan) main product is rubber type micro-wave absorber.
1997 Jun. Expanded new product line for PU form type micro-wave absorber in Jul. 1997.
1998 Dec. Established electrical material research lab. in Dec. 1998 to develop epoxy type adhesive and silver paste for die attach.
2002 Jun. Established Taoyuan factory and moved electrical material dep. to Taoyuan factory in Jun. 2002.
2003 May. Established Yi-Hua Electrical Material Co. in Guangdong China in May. 2003.
2003 Jul. Develop Optics UV type adhesive in Jul.2003
2004 Apr. Develop Optics UV type adhesive in Jul.2003
2005 Jun. Formally changed the name of the English company name from original YI-HUA Co., Ltd. to YizTech Co., Ltd., and registered it with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Jun 2005.
2006 Jul. Formally introduce the green product process into the quality management system in Jul. 2006.
2008 May. Established optical electronic material research dep. in May 2008.
2009 Jan. Achieved ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2004 / QC080000:2005 certification in Jan. 2009.
2012 Jun. Established of DAF(Die attach film) R&D department in Jun 2012.
2014 Jun. Established Yi-Hua Industrial Co., Ltd. (factory) in Dongguan China in Jun. 2014.
2017 Jan. With Yantai Darbond Technology Co., Ltd. strategic alliance established Dongguan Darbond YizTech materials Co., Ltd. in Jan. 2017.

YizTech Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 at keelung Taiwan. We are a professional micro wave absorber provider since then. We devoted ourselves to research for IC packaging material since 1998. Nowadays YizTech became a world wide professional supplier of epoxy adhesives and specialty materials in many fields. Our products cover the application of semiconductor LCD panel. LED, automobile, printed circuit board, satellite communication, mobile communication.. etc. We still keep on developing various advanced adhesives for our customers.

We treat every customer as a partner, behind each product all had a story of cooperation. The philosophy of R&D work in YizTech is to make customized product to fit the needs of customer. In the same time, every product we provided is more reliable, safer and cost effective. YizTech is a company which can solve customer's problem and grow together with customer.

For the purpose of R&D work and serving our customers. We created three technical laboratories in R&D center-Taoyuan Taiwan. The thermal analysis laboratory heat conductivity analysis laboratory and micro wave spectrum analysis laboratory. We hope to enlarge the R&D capabilities to create more advanced materials in the future.

Management philosophy

Research and development technology is constantly refined
Strict control of product quality
Customer oriented, improve customer satisfaction
Meeting customer delivery time

Use the resources to avoid waste of resources
Implement pollution prevention and control and improve environmental quality
Commitment to continuous improvement to ensure compliance with regulations
Good enterprise responsibility, economic and environmental win-win

Manufacturing HSF products
Comply with international HSF regulations
Continuous research and development of high quality HSF products

Previous awards

Perpetual Policy
YizTech is a responsible corporate citizen who takes positive action to ensure that business practices meet the highest professional and ethical standards. We believe that the long-term operation and success of the company must depend on the sustainable development of the enterprise and the embodiment of its social responsibility.
The president of the board of directors formulates the enterprise sustainable management policy, promotes the following "CSR related aspects" and strives to achieve "enterprise sustainable management".

1. Corporate governance: pursuing the sustainability of the enterprise, attaching importance to the management of the company's economy, environment and society. Strictly abiding by the principle of good faith, rejecting improper interests, corruption, bribery and other acts.
2. Environment: commitment to laws and regulations, implementation of international initiatives and standards. Development of environmentally friendly products.
3. Employees: Respect and safeguard human rights, attach importance to equal opportunities, pluralistic development and labor rights and interests. Establish a healthy and happy working environment to enhance employees and social well-being.
4. Supply chain: provide quality innovative products and promote corporate social responsibility with manufacturers.
5. Society: participating in public welfare activities and implementing social care.